Friday, 11 May 2012

God Selected Them

Human being is not just made from bones meat and blood but another most important aspect that we often say it’s the "Feelings”. Feelings are in any shape; in every form but the most and holy feeling is love. For love the whole universe is made; Tree, rivers and the spring season. Christen believe the whole universe is made for Jesus; Muslims says the universe is the result GOD's love towards Prophet Muhammad and the same ideology we see in Jew. But we forget the common thing is "LOVE". Love has no religion love is peace and only peace. 
A simple boy born in the holy month of Ramadan in Pakistan. His father passed away when he is only 4 years old. When he opens his eyes he sees poverty everywhere. Nothing is there through there they can pass the day and night easily. He has just two sisters and old mother. He sit daily in desert and see the desert and feel his life is same as desert. The desert need a drop of water for just only one flower to grew same like his life; every his joy is far away from his life. When he saw the rich people and often says to God is this life? I will be poor throughout his life and the same situation is for his children. When he grew he decides to go UK to support his family; to make his family happy; to bring happiness in their life.
When he went UK he got a job in petrol pump .He struggle and struggle to become rich but the path is far away and is hard track to go on. One day when he is on duty he saw a christen girl and at first sight he is crazy about her and fall in love. There is hurdle that the religion but love has no religion no boundaries its only love and only love to see humanity. He decides to go Islamic scholar and tells that he loves a girl. The scholar answer is in "NO". He becomes fade up and sit on a bench. In every religion love exist and is in pure form than why people divide, Why the fight and why the killed million of innocent people? Can we not live in peace? He thinks and thinks and mean while he saw some kids playing. Kids are even better then don't think such things.
On the other hand that girl (Maria) also fall in pure love every time he saw that boy (Ali) but Ali is struggling to quite to escape from love to support his family but Love is a precious gift from God and God cannot give love feelings to everyone; its only Ali and Maria chosen by God to distinguish the distance between two religion. On another day Ali is struggling to become rich but he didn't know that he and Maria is chosen by God. And on same time Maria came there and tells...

Maria: What's your name?
Ali: I am Ali from Pakistan
Maria: Are you Muslim? What you tells about love. I think Muslims don't love?
Ali: Islam is religion of love. In result of love Allah made universe for his beloved Prophet Muhammad Like you people thing God make that world for his SON.
Maria: Is answer less and say i want to meet you on Sunday in Church.
Ali: Ok I will come there.
Ali decides to make his question clear from Father so he decides to go church.
On Sunday when Ali enters into church everyone looked and said:
You are Muslim why you came here?
Ali replied and gives him just one answer "I am for God not for you people ". At mean time Maria came.
Ali to Father and she said "Father what the concept of love”.
Father say “Daughter it’s a holy feeling" Maria ask again "Can we love Muslims"?
Father is answer less and quite.
On next day Ali go to Maria home and just tell our God is same Our Jesus is same our love is same than why we separate? Can we live together?
Maria is still silent and Ali went. Maria thinks little more about his concept and love so she decides to marry but love is like perfume which spread everywhere. Maria parent’s when known about her and Ali love they decide Maria marriage with is first cousin Peter. When Maria knows about her marriage and resist but every time there are hurdles in true love and at that time the hurdle are her parents.
When Ali know about her marriage he disappoint and want to go back Pakistan... and not marry because love happen just one time

After many years a letter came from UK.

Dear ALI...
I am still single and not marry to Peter but i think it’s our distention that we both find Love. But I can't marry you because there many reasons. You believe in love as I.
Not at this world we meet but in Kingdom of God we will be together forever. Hope we will meet soon in other world...
                                                                                                    You’re Love

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  1. nice work. we are human. together we can do everything for humanity. but this need our unity.


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