Saturday, 12 May 2012

Jerusalem Dream

What’s happening with me where I came? Ohh Its Jerusalem … Its complete change Muslim Jews and Christian sit together how it can possible? On a road side there is old man I should ask them that what is going here…
Sir: May I ask a question?
He replied: My son asks why you are shocked its peaceful city my son go there and meets your brothers.
I see Muslim Jews and Christian sit together. In my Imagination I never see that they are sitting together….This is the holy city of GOD and everyone has equal right on this city. We believe on One GOD and kingdom of GOD than why we are fighting? For God we fighting or for evil?
Suddenly their Prayer calls from Muslims and in Church there are allot of people and the same situation with the Temple of Solmon Wall…What a peaceful world it’s so beautiful. Children playing and the birds are singing. On other moment Evil appears here every body scars but no one pay attention to him .Evil said to people you are all different and have different religion than how you live in peace. That old man who was sitting on road side came and said to evil…
“We are all sons of Adam how we fight with other brothers”
Evil loss his temper and disappear.
I went to that place where the Holy Jesus born. It’s quite amazing place and I saw some angles with men’s of every community than I released God give mind and wish to only Human and Only Mind gives to angles and wish to animals. These men in church fight their wish and became like angles…
We divided into religions there is no respect of other religion and even in specific religion we divided into sub religions and every community says we are right but why is it God to say us to divide into religion and then sub religion or its evil deeds?
I want to stay here but angle appears and say:
“It’s time to go back “
When I open my eyes I was in bed and its 7 o’clock  But I am still thinking can we live together?

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