Monday, 14 May 2012

Maj Che Guevara Letter

Havana 15 Feb 1961

"Year of Education"

Dr Fernando Berle
Pb G18
Budapest IV

                                                      Dear   Fernando!

It’s worried because we cannot sit together for few minutes. Due to burden of work I wrote it shortly hope you will understand it. Now come to actual point I know you didn't mention it in your previous letter but I feel that you want to work in that department; now I can tell you that there is work for you and your wife. I feel that Cuba revolution is interesting experiment for you people. like you want to work in their own country and of course you can bring mother ; every necessary  equipment will be provided and as you know we build university from start there is a position vacant for you.

As you know revolution can change everything and you see much different thing here and naturally from there you can work here in an easy way.
Story complete and if you want to come here and if you bring your wife along with you than tell me first to sat a complete setup. We travel on different path than i tell you personally that I married and have two daughters. My uncle tells me about my all old friends.
 Country or death...We will win

                                                                                                                Maj Che Guevara

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